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real fitness, real results



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A FREE Yoga Basics Workshop!
Until Aug 31 only!

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Knoxville’s FIRST & ONLY State of the Art Hot Yoga Studio


real fitness, real results

Don’t let the word “yoga” fool you!  real hot yoga offers real fitness that delivers real results!  Our focus is fitness based yoga with a variety of challenging classes to help you meet your fitness goals.  You’re going to get a great workout, sweat like never before, burn a ton of calories, and FEEL GREAT! 


Whether your primary goal is to lose weight, increase your strength, increase flexibility, reduce stress, or get healthy, real hot yoga will help you reach it!  See and feel the difference 30 days can make! 


INTRO OFFER: If you live in Knoxville and you’re new to real hot yoga, take advantage of our awesome new client intro offer: $40 for 30-days of unlimited yoga.  Try out every class style, all of our certified instructors, and start seeing results in your first 30 days!  What do you have to lose…other than a few extra pounds? Give us a try.  You’ll be hooked!!  


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