2017 Real Hot Yoga / MBody Yoga 200 Hour RYT Training
featuring: Mark White, Katie Morrell & team of senior instructors
April 8 - November 12, 2017

2017 Real Hot Yoga / MBody Yoga 300 Hour RYT Training
featuring: Mark White & team of senior instructors
March 4 - December 3, 2017
Real Hot Yoga - Johnson City, TN

Step one: Pay $500 Application Fee 

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Please note that this is also your enrollment deposit and will be applied to your enrollment if accepted into the program. (Total enrollment is $3200 - save $500 and get it for $2700 by enrolling before Jan 4, 2016.) Please note that the $500 deposit is non refundable unless student's acceptance into the program is not granted. If application is denied, full refund of the deposit will be given.


Step two: read program catalog

Please note this catalog is from our 2015 Training at Real Hot Yoga in Knoxville. Please refer to this website for JC dates. All other information regarding the program is accurate for JC.  

view 200-hr program catalog

(300-Hour program catalog will be posted soon)

Step three: Complete application (below)

200 Hour RYT Training Application

Applications for our teacher training programs are individually reviewed. Due to the structure and intensity of our teacher training programs, enrollment is very limited. We accept last minute applications if there is space in the program. Submission of your application indicates that you have read, understand, and agree to all of the requirements for the training.

Once you submit your application, please email a color photo to: JohnsonCity@realhotyoga.net. You will hear back from Real Hot Yoga within 2 weeks. If you have not heard from us after 2 weeks, please call us at 433-928-9642.

Upon acceptance to the program, we will contact you via email. Please note, applications will not be reviewed without a colored photo (5x7 or 4x6) and an application payment. If you are not accepted to the program, your application fee will be refunded.

We reserve the right to cancel a program at any time.

**The website may "time out" while composing some of the longer answers. For this reason, we highly recommend composing answers in another application then cutting and pasting them to this form once they are all complete. 

- -

Please answer all questions to the best of your ability using complete sentences, with a minimum of 50 words where appropriate. **We recommend answering the questions separately and cutting and pasting them into the application when you are ready to avoid the website "timing out"**

How long have you been practicing? What style(s) of yoga do you practice? How often and how long do you practice? Who have been your most influential teachers and why? List any trainings, intensives or retreats attended and why?

Please note that this section of the application is mandatory and that you will not be accepted without filling in these required fields accurately and honestly.